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The world has never known sisters as devoted to each other as Louise and Martine Fokkens. And they're more than just sisters — they're identical twins, artists, and (at 69 years old) Amsterdam's oldest prostitutes.


THIS WEEK'S DOC: Meet the Fokkens

The original Dutch title for Meet the Fokkens is Ouwehoeren, which I discovered (after some Internet digging) means "Old Whores" — but Louise and Martine aren't simply your average longtime veterans of the red light district. These are bright and witty women who regale each other with tales from their decades of prostitution (Louise is retired, but Martine continues turning tricks). Louise and Martine openly discuss their time as sex workers with the same nonchalance they use to order a sandwich (liver and salt beef on white, for the record).


But if you're looking for a documentary about sex, you might be disappointed. Instead, the story of Louise and Martine Fokkens is ultimately one of aging, young love, abuse, and family.

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