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For many women curious about the ins and outs of natural childbirth, The Business of Being Born has been a must-watch since its release in 2008. To the more birth-averse among us (*raises hand*), it might just be another thing to whiz by on our Netflix queue.


THIS WEEK'S DOC: The Business of Being Born

Whiz by no more, ladies. More important even than clearing up the common misconception that birth resembles the end of days for ones ladyparts, this film delves into the rather uncomfortable business end of baby delivery. While well-practiced systematic procedures can be reassuring in some situations, there's something both unsettling and enlightening (in a bad way) about seeing babies delivered like the end result of some industrial assembly line.


If you haven't seen it already (or if you're due for a re-watch), you have four days to watch The Business of Being Born! Return on Friday when we'll really get into all things birth in the comments.

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