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You've Been Trumped (watch it here if you haven't yet), director Anthony Baxter's 2011 documentary, is not just a tale about an awful rich person trampling all over some nice local villagers — because the villagers fight back. Awesome.


The fact that the film feels deeply biased is problematic, but also probably not entirely the fault of the director. Trump is clearly painted as the villain, unsubtly and with broad strokes, but his rare interactions with the filmmaker are unmistakably ugly and callous. In other words — the movie definitely sets out to depict him as a bad guy, but they may have been justified in doing so.

What did you think of You've Been Trumped? Let's talk this out.

Possible Discussion Topics:

1. Did the film feel biased? Is that still a problem if the bias feels completely justified or accurate? Or does it just feel that way because the film was biased?


2. I want to be friends with chain-smoking, scrappy Susan Monro and have her describe everything that I do as "a disgrace" in that chewy brogue of hers. Who was your favorite of the local people? What did you think of their efforts to stop development.

3. As it turns out, the economic justifications for approving the project were mostly unfounded — most of the jobs created didn't go to area residents. Why wasn't Trump's plan subjected to more stringent evaluative criteria?


4. The fact that after all that fighting, the project was derailed by proposed wind turbines which would obstruct the view from the golf resort, felt somehow disappointing. Do you think construction will continue? Should it?

5. The winds are strong on the Scottish coast, right? How did Trump's hair at no point fly away?


What else occurred to you while watching You've Been Trumped?

Sam Lansky is a writer and editor from New York City.

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