Meet the Future Golf Superstars of The Short Game

Children: what are they, even? Half intelligent! Too small! Helium voiced! Almost entirely useless! Yeah, kids have been bumming everybody out for about a million thousand years now. But every now and then, one of them will pick up a golf club and shoot one, two, heck, even four under par. And that, friends, is reason enough to procreate. Am I right?

The sad truth of why you and I will probably never be extraordinary at anything (I won't, at least) is because most extraordinary talents begin as child prodigies. We've all seen those eerie videos of a certain golf mega-celebrity sinking putts while still in diapers, or a pair of tennis-playing sisters trash-talking their opponents while in grade school. True dominance in a sport seems to be a confluence of at least four things: starting early, innate skill, actual passion for the sport, and parents who can support their child without destroying him or her mentally. Anyone who's had encounters with rabid sports parents will agree that the last one is pretty rare, but it's not like the first three are common either. And all four at the same time? That's one lucky bingo card.


THIS WEEK'S DOC: The Short Game

Even if you don't know much about golf or children, The Short Game remains a fascinating portrait of both. Josh Greenbaum's 2013 documentary is a tremendously entertaining film in the vein of crowd-pleasers like Spellbound and The King of Kong. Like those, it follows a disparate group of colorful characters as they prepare for, and then compete in, the highest level of competition their sport affords. But unlike spelling bees and arcade competitions, the world of U.S. Kids' Golf carries the added importance of international participation and, of course, a built-in pathway to professional adult careers. (In case you aren't aware, a career in professional golf is lucrative, fame-fueled, and could cause one to become a sex-addict who crashes his SUV in a gated community in Orlando. These kids have a lot to look forward to, basically.)

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