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Watch A "Test Tube Athlete" Rise And Fall In The Marinovich Project

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"Robo QB," "Bionic Boy," and "Marijuana-vich" are but a few of the nicknames that have been given to Todd Marinovich. He's had about as many monikers as a superhero, and like most of those masked marvels, Marinovich had an almost mythical upbringing.


The product of a lifelong intensive training regimen inspired by his father's strength and conditioning background, Marinovich was regarded as a "test tube athlete" — destined to become a pro-football quarterback. But what was once considered a promising football career was undermined by an unexpected villain – drug addiction.

What is the true story of Todd Marinovich? How does a former first round draft pick fall so far? Was he a gifted athlete who succumbed to the game's pressure? Or just a regular guy molded into a strong – yet ultimately flawed – competitor? We'll find out in this week's documentary pick.


THIS WEEK'S DOC: The Marinovich Project

Stream this week's documentary on Netflix and then return on Friday for the discussion.


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