Watch TEDTalks: Life Hack and Be More Productive in 2014

Sure, there's almost no difference between the last day of December and the first day of January, but the psychological benefits of a collective reboot can't be denied. Projects, goals, improvements, new habits: it's easier to undertake these challenges when your friends and family are doing the same. In other words, the holiday that lands on January 1st isn't simply New Year's Day — it's New Youse Day. (Spoken with a "Brooklyn" accent. Sorry.)

But, now that the new year is upon us, you may find yourself at a loss when figuring out how, exactly, to get your life together. That's where TED Talks come in.


THIS WEEK'S DOC: TEDTalks: Life Hack

Divided into eight short lectures, the first season of TEDTalks: Life Hack clocks in at under two hours, but provides tons of surprising and engaging takes on a variety of topics: how body posture can affect your life; the life-extending properties of video games; the link between happiness and productivity; ancient memory enhancement tricks; and short, fun vignettes about how the human brain works.

For example, did you realize that almost everybody ties their shoes incorrectly? Lecturer Terry Moore not only demonstrates the proper way to do it, he'll impress on you the metaphor of how a small change in behavior "can yield tremendous results later."

Point is: TEDTalks: Life Hack not only provides real, logical tips on improving our respective situations — it's far more engaging and stirring than a series of lectures has any right to be.


You now have four days to watch this thing. Come back on Friday and we'll talk about it in greater depth. In the meantime, get more Netflix at

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